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What are your store hours?

Monday: 10:00 am–3:00 pm
Tuesday & Wednesday: 9:00 am–4:00 pm
Thursday & Friday: 9:00 am–6:00 pm
Saturday: 7:00 am–5:00 pm
Sunday: Closed

Besides cakes, what other types of desserts do you provide?

Cookies, Cupcakes, Dessert Buffet, Groom's Cake, Pastries

What additional wedding services do you provide?

Consultations, On-site Delivery, On-site Setup, Store Front Pickup, Tastings

Do you provide customary cakes?


pineapple upside down cake

Are you licensed by the state health department?


Do you offer private tastings or open house tastings?

For prospective wedding clients, we schedule a one-hour, private appointment together that includes your complimentary cake tasting, design session, and entire quote work-up.

How do you price your wedding cakes, such as by slice or by tier?

My cakes are priced by servings. So if you're looking to feed 150 people, the price would be the same if you're going for a 3 tiered cake or a 4 tiered cake. Most people will choose the latter! At the same price, who wouldn't?

Does the price include the top tier of the cake?

The price does include the top tier of the cake. I offer a free replication of your top tier for your first anniversary. I call you a few weeks before to set up a date/time for you to pick it up. It can be the same decoration and flavor, or it can be something completely different. The choice is yours! It's your anniversary!

Do you offer custom cakes, or do you work with pre-designed styles?

Every single cake I've created is custom to the customers wishes. We go through many details during your design session to create your cake together. It's a very personal experience!


How far in advance of the event do you prepare the cake?

I bake the cake very early, the same morning as your event. It takes time for cake to cool to a temperature fit for decorating and stacking. I make all fillings the same morning as well. Even the butter cream, I make from scratch myself the same morning. It's a very early day for me.

How many cakes do you schedule for a typical weekend?

I have a basic guideline of 5 weddings per day. Since I deliver and set-up each cake at the venue myself, I have to take into consideration time constraints and how far each location is. With that said, whoever puts down their deposit first will get the priority delivery time, and each couple after that will follow in the same order. Depending on deliveries and difficulty level of the cakes, I can take more or less than 5 wedding orders per day. I will still make all of the custom cakes for our everyday customers over the weekend. If there is an extreme amount of cake orders, and I reach my maximum, I will cut off orders. This usually only happens around the major holidays. ORDER EARLY!

Will you work with the client's florist to garnish the cake?

I have a florist that I prefer to work with myself. However, if you're already working with a florist, I prefer to speak with them personally, on my own time to best coordinate for your event.

cheese danish

What cake accessories, such as a cake stand or cake cutter, do you rent out?

I enjoy making ornate and original cake stands and pedestals. These are custom pieces, or you may choose to use ones that I've already created. I would say they are typically more of a shabby-chic or vintage style. But if we meet early enough, I'd be more than happy to create an original piece for your wedding!

Do you offer delivery? If yes, how much is your average delivery fee?

Absolutely. I prefer delivering wedding cakes myself. I don't even send out a delivery man to take my cakes. I drive them myself, set them up myself, and arrange the cake table myself if you ask me to do so. Our local area is a $50 charge. I deliver to farther cities, at an additional charge based on mileage. As for custom cake delivery, the local area is a $30 charge. Any farther destinations will be based on mileage.