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wedding cake

As many of my brides have already experienced—I LOVE creating new flavor combinations, and the possibilities are endless! I'd be more than happy to create a signature flavor for your event if you have something special in mind that I haven't created yet.

Signature Flavors

Clean White: Wedding white cake with white buttercream filling

Simple Chocolate: Devil's Food chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling

Strawberry Shortcake: Wedding white cake with whipped cream and fresh chopped strawberries

Cookies & Cream: Devil's Food chocolate cake with white buttercream and Oreo cookie crumbles

Caramel Apple: Yellow cake with caramel and spiced apple pie filling

Smore's: Two layers of Devil's Food chocolate cake and two layers of yellow cake with fudge and marshmallow sauce filling

Strawberry Lemonade: Two layers of strawberry cake and two layers of lemon cake with strawberry and lemon mousse filling

Peanut Butter Fudge: Devil's Food chocolate cake with peanut butter and fudge filling

Black Forest: Devil's Food chocolate cake with white buttercream and cherry filling

Coconut Cream Cake: Coconut cake with coconut cream pie filling

Peppermint Mocha: Devil's food chocolate cake with two layers of chocolate mocha and one layer of peppermint filling

Mint Chocolate Chip: Devil's Food chocolate cake with mint buttercream filling topped with chocolate chips

Chocolate Covered Strawberry: Devil's Food chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, fresh chopped strawberries, with drizzled fudge

Bavarian Mix: Alternating layers of white and devil's food cake, filled with alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla bavarian cream

German Chocolate: Devil's Food chocolate cake with German chocolate filling

Cannoli Cake: Wedding white cake with chocolate chips baked in the batter with cannoli cream filling topped with toasted almonds

Mocha Latte: Devil's Food chocolate cake with mocha filling

Red Velvet: Red Velvet cake with cream cheese filling

I always encourage creating your own personal flavors! Mix and match from these:

Standard Batters

Wedding White, Yellow, Marble, Devil's Food Chocolate

Premium Batters

Red Velvet, Cherry, Cherry Nut, Banana, Banana Nut, Strawberry, Lemon, Carrot, and Party Confetti


Vanilla Buttercream, Chocolate Buttercream, Cherry Buttercream, Banana Buttercream, Cream Cheese Buttercream, Raspberry, Raspberry Mousse, Strawberry, Strawberry Mousse, Lemon, Lemon Mousse, Black Forest Cherry, German Chocolate, Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Mousse, Bavarian Cream, Custard, Whipped Cream, Cookies and Cream, Cannoli Cream, Caramel, Apple, Mocha, Kahlua, Grand Mariner, Bailey's Irish Cream, Chambord, and Amaretto